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    to agitate, squeeze, rotate, or turn a liquid in a container
    grasp or seize (something) tightly or eagerly
    carve (wood) into an object by repeatedly cutting small slices from it
    talk rapidly and excitedly but with little sense
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    to move with determination against difficult obstacles
    move about lightly and quickly from side to side or up and down
    tell or signal (someone) to be silent
    rearrange (a deck of cards) by sliding the cards over each other quickly
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    to wrap or cover (someone or something) in clothing or cloth for warmth or protection
    To squeeze and twist something.
    (of a liquid) flow or leak slowly through porous material or small holes
    (of a person) devote effort to making oneself look attractive and then admire one's appearance
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    clean or brighten the surface of (something) by rubbing it hard, typically with an abrasive or detergent
    move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backward and forward or from side to side
    eat or drink (something) greedily
    (especially with reference to a person's face) tightly gather or contract into wrinkles or small folds
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    move or cause to move quickly or suddenly with a rushing sound
    lose or cause to lose luster, especially as a result of exposure to air or moisture
    throw or hurl forcefully
    take part in an exchange of
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    shut (a door, window, or lid) forcefully and loudly
    move swiftly and lightly
    make an abrupt, unsteady, uncontrolled movement or series of movements; stagger
    For a person or animal to emit a deep loud shout or roar, usually in pain or anger.
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    to make something small to fit into a small space
    form small creases or wrinkles in the surface of something, especially the skin of the face as the result of a facial expression
    wrap (someone, especially a baby) in garments or cloth
    engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons; wrestle
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    push (something or someone) suddenly or violently in the specified direction
    rain lightly
    move or cause to move up and down or from side to side with small rapid movements
    to come close together in a group
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    to agitate, squeeze, rotate, or turn a liquid in a container
    walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions
    pull with a jerk
    wriggle or twist the body from side to side, especially as a result of nervousness or discomfort
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    move with a hissing or rushing sound
    (of an animal, especially a pig) make a low, short guttural sound
    utter a high-pitched piercing sound or words, especially as an expression of terror, pain, or excitement
    (typically of a person) fall suddenly, clumsily, or headlong
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