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Akiva Lane


About 20 years ago, I started collecting ‘colorful’ words.  I realized that some words sound a bit funnier and have a somewhat greater emotional impact than others. 


Whenever I read or heard a colorful word, I added it to my list.  By 2001 I had about 200 such words.  But the list was burned up on 9/11 because I worked in 7 World Trade Center, a building that came down in the afternoon.


So I continued to compile the list.  Now there are over 1200 words, all gems.  I had been thinking of making an illustrated book. But then I thought of making a website!  I WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO CONTRIBUTE DEFINITIONS, SENTENCES, AND PICTURES!


The pictures to illustrate the words are easy to find with http://images.google.com (avoid copyrighted images), and using a cool tool that comes with Windows called Snipping Tool. I hope that our Colwords.com website can help the many people who want to learn this colorful nuance of English.  


If you’d like to contribute to the endeavor, just click on the “Join Our Endeavor” button. I look forward to working with you on this endeavor.


Akiva Lane