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    (of a situation or event) extremely serious or urgent
    savagely violent
    to feel completely exhausted and worn out, and unable to think straight, after a great deal of mental or physical effort
    having rough, sharp points protruding
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    an impatient, rude, and unfriendly way of speaking
    Difficult to understand
    (especially of a person) unfortunate
    smelling extremely unpleasant
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    fussy about one's needs or requirements, liking things only when they are correct in every detail
    bothersome or persistent especially in a petty or tiresome way
    (especially of a person) unfortunate
    Unable to leave somewhere because of a problem such as not having any transportation or money
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    Having severe abdominal pain, often caused by spasm, obstruction, or distention of any of the hollow viscera, such as the intestines
    A deplorable, poor or inferior state.
    Angry and displeased
    extremely tiring and demanding
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    a weak and cowardly or unadventurous person
    wild, extreme, and uncontrolled behavior or mental agitation
    A messy substance, that is usually sticky, runny or slimy.
    a violent windy storm
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    giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening; inauspicious
    easily annoyed and complaining in a rude way like a child
    foolish; harmlessly eccentric
    Somewhat indecent and liable to shock, especially by being sexually suggestive.
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    a large fire that is dangerously out of control
    a form of desire in which gratification is linked to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc
    something, especially a building, that is very large and is considered unsightly
    a mischievous or cheeky person, especially a child or man (typically used in an affectionate way)
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    not safe and likely to fall or fail
    Very small, tiny or microscopic.
    so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be almost amusing; ridiculous
    messy or disgusting
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    report another's wrongdoing
    to get something in an indirect or dishonest way.
    (of a person or animal) be or remain hidden so as to wait in ambush for someone or something
    To mix together in a confused way
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    for negative feelings to get worse because they are not being dealt with
    meet and come into violent conflict
    To cause a metal to lose its shine, especially as a result of exposure to air or moisture
    to cause an event or situation to happen by starting some actions
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