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    of little value or importance
    a sharing of characteristics or origins
    contemptibly small or few
    strange or eccentric
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    the fat of sea mammals, but sometimes also referring to the extra weight of a person
    a quick swallow of a drink
    a dog of no definable type or breed
    an eccentric or foolish person
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    ridiculous; implausible
    in abundance
    of little value or importance
    looking or feeling dejected; morose
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    exhibiting unusual behavior
    quick and light in movement or action; agile
    mentally unbalanced; deranged
    splendid and expensive-looking
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    silly; mildly eccentric
    elegant or stylishly luxurious
    highly unpleasant, especially to the senses; physically nauseating
    food that is very soft
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    (of a building or room) charmless and inhospitable; dreary
    mad; crazy
    disagreeably damp, musty, and typically cold
    a person who is ungracefully thin and tall
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    on friendly terms; friendly
    grimy; dirty
    Containing or being something poisonous especially when capable of causing serious injury.
    crooked or askew; not level
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    a violent young troublemaker, typically one of a gang
    a cylindrical or round spout at the end of a pipe, hose, or tube, used to control a jet of gas or liquid
    a countless or extremely great number
    wild, extreme, and uncontrolled behavior or mental agitation
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    truthful and straightforward; frank
    extremely tiring and demanding
    changing emotions suddenly and often
    taking up much space, typically inconveniently; large and unwieldy
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    an elaborate and spectacular entertainment or production
    extreme pleasure and happiness or excitement
    a person whose dress or behavior seems strange or eccentric
    a very poor and crowded area, especially of a city
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