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    a person regarded as effeminate or cowardly
    an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation
    A beginner who has little or no experience.
    severe mental or physical pain or suffering
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    causing great horror or fear; frightful or macabre
    To withstand adversity; show a quick recovery following adversity.
    furiously angry
    (of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear
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    (especially of a liquid) only slightly warm; lukewarm
    involving or showing violence and bloodshed
    reluctant to give information owing to caution or suspicion
    self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way
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    nonsense, foolish, and wrong
    an excessively abundant supply of something
    A wheel or gear that has metal teeth to move interlocking gears when combined in a sequence.
    a small depression in the flesh, either one that exists permanently or one that forms in the cheeks when one smiles
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    Containing or being something poisonous especially when capable of causing serious injury.
    of extremely poor quality
    (of a person) fastidious about one's needs or requirements; hard to please
    Difficult to understand
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    not real or genuine - fake or false (used in a disapproving manner when deception has been attempted)
    (of a person or their actions) showing a deliberate and obstinate desire to behave in a way that is unreasonable or unacceptable, often in spite of the consequences
    silly; mildly eccentric
    deriving from or affected by uncontrolled extreme emotion
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    of extremely poor quality
    to be too interested with unpleasant subjects, especially death
    in its original condition; unspoiled
    extremely unpleasant
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    to breathe loudly and with difficulty
    excited activity and movement
    a sudden violent upheaval, especially in a political or social context
    a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility
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    a display of unnecessary or excessive excitement, activity, or interest
    a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially equally undesirable ones
    a quick, sharp, sudden movement
    A tear causing two parts of something to separate
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    (of a person or animal) thin and bony
    (of an idea or suggestion) wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate
    famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed
    changing frequently, especially as regards one's loyalties, interests, or affection.
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