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    (of the eyes) unfocused or filmy from sleep or tiredness
    inclined to nip or bite
    unsteady, dizzy, or dazed
    very bold, unusual, and startling
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    consternation and distress, typically that caused by something unexpected
    a violent person, especially a criminal
    a person, typically a homeless one, who lives by asking for money or food
    a stupid person
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    disordered or disheveled
    bad-tempered and sulky
    feeling or showing tiredness, especially as a result of excessive exertion or lack of sleep
    careless and unsystematic; excessively casual
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    very puzzled and confused
    (of a woman or her clothes) dowdy and old-fashioned
    quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive
    extremely cruel
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    cease developing; become inactive or dull
    (of clothes) short and revealing
    lacking physical strength, especially as a result of age or illness
    having or showing a cunning and deceitful nature
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    a minor fault or weakness in someone's character.
    cruel and oppressive government or rule
    an action that lacks good sense, and is foolish
    wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar
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    (of a person or animal) hold on tightly to
    to get something in an indirect or dishonest way.
    strike or hit (someone or something) very hard
    be dejected and apathetic
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    Containing or being something poisonous especially when capable of causing serious injury.
    extremely small
    looking exhausted and unwell, especially from fatigue, worry, or suffering
    Somewhat indecent and liable to shock, especially by being sexually suggestive.
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    An eerie or ghostly atmosphere that causes sinister feelings of fear.
    contemptibly lacking in courage; cowardly
    contrary to reason or common sense; utterly absurd or ridiculous.
    suddenly reject or abandon (a lover)
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    impose an unwelcome or unnecessary person or thing on
    (of a plant) become dry and shriveled
    prevent or hinder the progress of
    make a quick, nervous movement of the face or body as an instinctive reaction to surprise, fear or pain
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