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    to finish in a way that is disappointing
    raise (one's shoulders) slightly and momentarily to express doubt, ignorance, or indifference
    mix or cause to mix together
    burn the surface of (something) with flame or heat
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    a foolish or easily deceived person
    unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck
    a short description of a book, movie, or other product written for promotional purposes and appearing on the cover of a book or in an advertisement
    a person who is very skilled at doing something, especially music
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    a spell or sustained period of unrestrained activity of a particular kind
    a thing that is a complete failure, especially in a ludicrous or humiliating way
    foolish or inconsequential talk
    a gross or blatant lie
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    to cause harm or damage to the reputation of someone or something
    carry out a task clumsily or incompetently, leading to failure or an unsatisfactory outcome
    eat (something) hurriedly and noisily
    to think about a proposal or request carefully and at length.
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    read (something) quickly and eagerly
    make (someone's hair or clothes) untidy or messy
    walk for pleasure, typically without a definite route.
    fail to reach the required standard in an examination, test, or course of study
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    walk with difficulty, typically because of a damaged or stiff leg or foot
    to fail
    (of a person or animal) make a series of low, feeble sounds expressive of fear, pain, or discontent
    carry or drag (a heavy or bulky object) with great effort
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    use the hands clumsily while doing or handling something
    (of an animal, especially a pig) make a low, short guttural sound
    imitate (someone or their actions or words), typically in order to entertain or ridicule
    look at someone or something with one or both eyes partly closed in an attempt to see more clearly or as a reaction to strong light
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    A fanatical person who is unyielding in their spiritual or political pursuits.
    a stupid or careless mistake
    A definitive fragrance that is pleasant.
    an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation
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    an important or exceptionally able person
    the art or practice of pursuing a dangerous policy to the limits of safety before stopping, typically in politics
    a sudden, unexpected, and usually temporary malfunction of equipment such as a computer
    a sudden sharp pain or painful emotion
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    to decorate a place for a special occasion by hanging lights, colored paper, balloons, flowers, etc.
    (of a person or animal) shake slightly and uncontrollably as a result of being cold, frightened, or excited
    To waste or squander time, money or resources.
    (of a vehicle or boat) move slowly with engine making regular muffled explosive sounds
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