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    the way an action or situation is negative in an open and obvious way
    exhausted; tired out
    gloomy and drab
    bothersome or persistent especially in a petty or tiresome way
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    extreme anger (chiefly used for humorous or rhetorical effect)
    an act or event that is clearly false
    a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass
    obscene language or matter
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    a mischievous or cheeky person, especially a child or man (typically used in an affectionate way)
    having nothing
    a sudden, unexpected, and usually temporary malfunction of equipment such as a computer
    a long-standing rival; an archenemy
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    to vomit
    try to deceive someone as to one's abilities or intentions
    tell an unimportant lie
    use the hands clumsily while doing or handling something
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    put an end to; dispose of decisively
    a short simple song
    Someone who is dishonest. A villain who exploits others for his/ her own benefit.
    form or cause to form a sharp twist or curve
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    impose an unwelcome or unnecessary person or thing on
    To take money from someone by cheating or tricking them.
    to catch someone doing something wrong or illegal
    To prevent something from thriving
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    use deception to deprive (someone) of money or possessions
    poke (someone or something) roughly or quickly, especially with something sharp or pointed
    express sharp disapproval or criticism of (someone) because of their behavior or actions
    To stain with a discoloring substance
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    extreme physical or mental suffering
    a person who makes slow progress and falls behind others
    a continuous attack over a long period of time
    a person who avoids work or effort
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    annoy or irritate (a person) with persistent fault-finding or continuous urging
    look quickly, typically in a furtive manner
    deceive; trick
    hunt and kill for food
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    a disorderly crowd; a mob
    the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.
    a person who is responsible for a crime or other misdeed
    an old, run-down vehicle or machine
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