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    stand, move, or sit in a lazy, drooping way
    to cause (something or someone) to move in a quick and sudden way
    beat or sound with a strong, regular rhythm; pulsate steadily
    to cry out loudly in pain, anger, amusement, etc.
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    extremely unpleasant
    (typically of a person or method of work) characterized by a lack of care, thought, or organization
    having or showing a cunning and deceitful nature
    very bold, unusual, and startling
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    contrary to reason or common sense; utterly absurd or ridiculous.
    making or constituting a disturbingly harsh and loud noise
    oppressed or treated badly by people in power
    (of a group or organization) difficult to control; unruly
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    to enjoy popularity and appreciation from people you care about
    remove (a substance) from the surface of a liquid
    hit (someone) hard
    To hit or move something/ someone with a quick movement of the thumb and fore-finger.
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    untidy, disorganized, or incongruously varied in character
    mad; crazy
    An act or behaviour that is criminal, evil or wicked.
    not having any serious purpose or value
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    a strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something
    a layer of dirt or froth on the surface of a liquid
    a painful, involuntary contraction of muscles
    a person who is or claims to be easily shocked by matters relating to sex or nudity
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    foolish; harmlessly eccentric
    (of an idea or suggestion) wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate
    dirty, unpleasant, or of poor quality
    soft, thick, pleasingly rich quality, often from vegetation
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    move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically, especially over a wide area
    put (a fine, loose, or powdery substance) through a sieve so as to remove lumps or large particles
    (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously
    (of a vehicle or boat) move slowly with engine making regular muffled explosive sounds
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    stylish and attractive
    curt or sharp, especially in a condescending way
    involving or given to unusual sexual behavior
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    secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering
    hard, menial, or dull work
    enjoyment or vigor in doing something; zest
    a sudden sharp pain or painful emotion
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